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Posted by Crayzon Deeyon on May 27, 2015 at 1:35 PM

This is a bust of KING TUTANKHAMUN, found in his tomb. (KING TUT; he ruled from 1334 to 1325 B.C.) There is no doubt Tutankhamun was a Black man, but producers, in Hollywood, continue to perpetuate the lie that Egyptians were white, with mini series like TUT.

When I see these programs-- the truth is, no matter how you cut it-- the producers/directors/production companies/studios are about white supremacy. They are about the destruction of Black people, through the use of media, to keep the masses ignorant to Our-story. And, when we're ignorant to the knowledge of Our-story-- it is easy to act ill, and kill.

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'They' not only distort Egyptian history, but the Moors' history, African history, Spanish and Italian history, etc., that is all Black. Black people were the first to teach civil teachings to those who lived like savages.

But, as long as people don't speak up-- Hollywood will continue to produce lies like TUT. Black men and Black women, and our children will continue to be subjects, used as target practice, for cops, and we will continue to destroy each other with violence.

So-- Stand up, Speak out, and continue to produce films and music about the reality of Our-story, because-- if we don't-- we know white supremacist won't! In the end, at the end-- each one of us will be able to say-- "We Did Our Part!"


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